Olympic medallists back Grassroots Giving

30 April 2013

Olympic Medallists from Molesey Boat Club (also established in the 1800’s) are helping to celebrate our 160th anniversary by encouraging local community groups to apply for our Big 160, Grassroots Giving funding.

Oarsman (and Skipton lad) Andy Triggs Hodge, said: “Skipton Building Society supported us in the run up to London 2012 and we really value their contribution. Many sports clubs in the UK rely heavily on funding to stay afloat - it’s so important, as it means we can then focus on putting in intensive training to get the results we all want. It was that intensive training which drove us over the line in the London Olympics.”

Thread of Olympic Gold

Of course, the thread of Olympic gold runs through the heart of Molesey Boat Club, so we can’t take all the credit: it’s home to Beijing Olympic Gold Medallists Jonny Searle and Martin Cross. The seven-strong Molesey contingent in Team GB for 2012 contained no less than three former Olympic champions: Tom James, Andrew Triggs Hodge and, veteran of the Atlanta, Sydney and Barcelona Olympics (where he won gold in the coxless pairs with his brother Jonny), Greg Searle MBE. Happily, all seven athletes returned to the club wearing Olympic medals!

Passionate about seeing the team continue to thrive, and develop for the long-term, Skipton Building Society continues to support Molesey Boat Club and, in the run up to The Commonwealth Games next year, hopes are once again pinned on the athletic prowess of Molesey’s team. We’ll be keeping Team GB fans informed.

"Small groups work tirelessly"

Of the Grassroots Giving Appeal, Andy said: “We think it’s fantastic that Skipton has launched this appeal to support grassroots organisations nationwide. We know many small groups who work tirelessly in our local community, to make a difference to the lives of people around them and we will most certainly be encouraging those people to apply. We can think of groups who look after the elderly, groups that create activities for young people and there’s also a great allotment group that then makes it own local produce - all of these are great examples of people putting their own time and effort in to help others and feed into the community around them.”

“What I like about this appeal is that it’s not just about Skipton handing out cash - there is a little bit of money on offer, but Skipton are looking to support community organisations more organically. With the free resources they are creating, and the exposure that they will help the group get through their PR and social media activity around this campaign, there’s real value to be had above and beyond the actual donation. We’d encourage as many people as possible to get involved so there’s more awareness nationally of grassroots organisations and their work”.

Money to grow

Grassroots Giving is not an appeal that includes sponsorship donations and it cannot allocate donations to cover sports kit or trophies etc. What we’re looking for are ideas on how community groups would spend the money on things that will help them to continue to grow, and further develop their services for their local communities.

For more info on the criteria and how to apply visit the Grassroots Giving page.