Local photographers get snap happy in competition!

21 February 2014

After the huge success of the Big 160 Campaign, we felt the winning community groups deserved to have their hard work and efforts showcased and shown off to the masses. So, we launched the Big 160 photography competition to help gather images of the groups spreading far and wide across the UK, and also showcase up and coming photography talent from across the country.

We reached out on Twitter, asking all of you budding photographers out there to get snapping your local winning community groups, telling their story by having your photos used in the local press. And, the response was overwhelming! Local photographers snapped up a whole host of community groups across the country.

It was then down to the judging panel here at Skipton to decide which talented photographer deserved to be the lucky winner of the £200 prize.

After much deliberation, first prize went to the photographer Joanne Coates- who took time out to photograph community groups in both London and her home town of York. The judges felt her image of the group, Friends of City Garden’s, with the profound landmark the ‘Gherkin’ in the background, truly encapsulated the community spirit of the entire Big 160.

2nd place went to Rob Dray with his fabulous images of community groups across Lincoln. Joint 3rd was Heather and Colin Murdoch for their excellent images of several groups across Skipton.

Thanks to all you photographers who really showed community spirit by using your free time to help showcase your local community groups, not only showing off your talents, but theirs too!


First Row: Friends Of City Gardens x2, Harrow Special Olympics, The Arlington Association (All by the winner, Joanne Coates)

Second Row: Orchard Estate Community Gardens (By Joanne Coates), Lincoln Inspired, (By 2nd place, Rob Dray), Skipton Community Orchestra x2 (By 3rd place Collin & Heather Murdoch)

Third Row: Scunthorpe Pipe Band x2, The City of Nottingham Handball (All by Rob Dray), The Friends of Aireville Park (By Collin & Heather Murdoch)

Fourth Row: The Aysgarth Station Group, Greenfields Community Gardens x2 (All by Joanne Coates), The Friends of Denzell Gardens & The Devisdale (By Graham Douglas)

Fifth Row: Bank St Stephens Bowling Club (By Stuart Atkinson), Aberdeenshire South Foodbank (By Williem Vlotman), IDID (By Emily Jones), 2nd Dursley Rainbows (By Anne Anderson)

f.o.c 1 f.o.c 2  harrow 1  arlington1
 orchard1  lincoln1  orchestra1  orchestra2
scunthorpe 1  scunthorpe2  netball1  airville1 
aysgarth1  greenfields1  greenfields2  denzell1 
 bowls1 aberdeen1  idid1  brownies1