Managing the Ask

Have you considered local businesses as a funding source?...

You know the score; you’ve spent multiple, coffee-soaked hours researching, writing and submitting grant proposals to national bodies, various trusts, foundations, and local donors. Receiving letters of rejection is particularly hard for new or small groups, and you know the competition is increasing for what seem to be smaller pots of money. 

Tick boxesSo is there another way? Well, yes we believe so. Looking to the local business community could be a route for you to consider...but they are busy people and will not part with their money lightly. You need to play by their rules.

Our free guide on 'Managing the Ask' is here to help you negotiate this minefield, packed full of useful tips and advice on how you can potentially tap into local businesses to help gain their support.

Providing you with 10 top tips on how to best approach businesses and align your community project with their CSR values this resource could be the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for...

Getting business sponsorship is not an easy thing to do, and staff or volunteers who agree to take on the job should break down the responsibilities into manageable tasks.

Being methodical about the job will make it much easier to succeed.

Remember this is about developing a long term mutually beneficial relationship with your business sponsors, and that both parties benefit from the relationship – it is a two way street!

Don’t forget to manage and maintain your relationship once secured, as maintaining the positive relationship is just as important as securing it. 

Business sponsorship can be hugely valuable in many ways. We wish you all the best in exploring this!