Managing and Recruiting Volunteers

Your guide to gaining support

Volunteers can transform your group or organisation. Not only can they enhance your services and help you do more in different ways, they can bring new vitality and insight to everything you do.

GRG imageOnce you’ve decided that you’re ready to recruit volunteers, it’s worth spending some time making sure you’ve got some basics in place ready for when they start. 

Our comprehensive 7 part guide 'Managing and Recruiting Volunteers' takes you through:-

  • Roles and responsibilities - how to make use of skills
  • How to best manage and supervise volunteers
  • Health and safety obligations
  • How to choose the right people
  • Expenses to consider
  • Policies to have in place
  • Top tips and an overview

Getting your head around these elements will make your relationship with volunteers run much more smoothly, and ensure it is rewarding for both parties. 

Here's a taster of the advice in this resource....

Volunteer Advice

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