Getting the Cash In!

Do you need cash?

While there are many other things thBlue Piggyat might add more value to life, we can’t hide from the fact that cash makes things happen! 

All community groups, clubs and organisations will need to raise funds at some point. So let’s make it as easy as possible... where do you start? Reading our first free guide to raising cash may help.

It may sound obvious, but before you start fundraising you need to have a clear idea of what you want the money for. Most voluntary groups could easily spend donations, but having a plan and structure to explain what you want to fund is essential for fundraisers. Those donating cash prefer to have a clear picture of how you’d use any donations.

Whether approaching a large funding organisation, requesting sponsorship from a corporate business, or asking your members to put their hands in their pockets as part of a fundraising activity, the basic rules are the same. Download our pdf guide to learn what makes a ‘fundable’ project truly fundable. 

Top tips to prepare you

Our free fundraising guide offers a five-step process to cover the key bases before trying to get hold of funding (or before beginning any fundraising for your group.) Read Getting the cash in! to follow these steps within your cash raising plans.

5 Step Fundraising Pointers

Helpful hints

Don’t fall down when trying to get your hands on money for your group. 
We recommend that you don’t rush into completing a fundraising application form. Remember to draft your answers to questions first and always photocopy the completed application. Ask an outsider for objective comments, before finalising your answers or letter.

If there is no application form to fill in, you'll need to include a budget sheet for the project, along with a formal letter of application and your last accounts. (Don't forget to mention if you've had financial support from businesses in the past, as this can illustrate your appeal to corporate donors.)

Check to cheque!

Before you submit your application or letter, or make that cold-call to raise funds, tick off your actions against our handy check-list. It can be the difference between success and failure. The devil really is in the detail!

Make sure your application is consistent – does the budget match the description of the project? Our free guide tells you more. (We really can't put it all on one page!) Here's a snippet from the guide for fundraisers which illustrates the pros and cons of approaching different fundraising streams.

 Pros And Cons For Fundraise

Good luck with your fundraising activities. We hope that this free resource from The Skipton Building Society helps you. This pack has been created in association with social enterprise consultant, Jo Boardman.