Free Resources

Free resources

Free Resources for Fundraisers

Everyone can learn a new skill or two from our Grassroots Giving Resource Centre. Even if you’re not amongst the community organisations picked to receive £500, you can still benefit from our free resources.

We want our Grassroots Giving work to help groups, not just financially, but also more widely, with sustainable support that can make a real difference. We’re here to champion the work of community groups like yours, and want to see you continuing to thrive for years to come.

We also want to help those of you who perhaps haven’t set a group up yet, but have a passion that you’d like to tap into, or see a need in your community that you’d like to try and tackle. We hope these resources will help you.

We’ve asked top fundraising and marketing consultants to put together “How To” fact sheets, tips and advice to give you a helping hand when it comes to:

Blue Piggy1. Getting Started with Your Group

2. Getting the Cash in!
3. Governance Essentials - how to manage your group
4. Managing the Ask -Gaining support from the corporate world

5. Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

6. Managing Money for the Group 
7. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
8. Accessing Grants & Understanding Fundraising Jargon

The above resources are to be provided by social enterprise consultant Jo Boardman, a fantastically passionate lady, who has over 12 years experience working with community groups to help them flourish and grow.