Applying for funding

How the application process works

We welcome submissions from community groups of all shapes and sizes - all we ask is that you are not a registered charity as we are looking to support smaller groups who struggle to find funding elsewhere.

What steps does your application go through?

  • Upon receiving your application we check your submission alongside our criteria. Please enter as full as information as possible and submit images to go with your entry, as this helps us to get a real feel for your group and what you're all about

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  • If you meet our criteria, and score well against what we’re looking for, you’ll be shortlisted by our head office team

We shortlist by region to cover the whole of the UK, and organise entries by area - however, there is no limit to how many applicants we can have in each region - the more the merrier.

  • Deadline for entries is 31 July 2017 - but we'd encourage you to enter as soon as possible, as this way you benefit from the promotion we do around entries on social media and on this website
  • We then announce the shortlisted groups  on 1 September
  • From 1 September online voting then begins - giving the public the chance to show us which groups are the most valued in their local communities
  • The 2017 winners will be announced in November
  • Winners will receive their £500 contribution in December (based on all necessary paperwork having been supplied to Skipton Building Society)

We're excited to see what new groups we can discover this year.

Good luck!

The Grassroots Giving Team