Judging your application

What we're looking for ...

Our team at Skipton sifts through all Grassroots Giving applications and reads each one very carefully. We guarantee a human reads each and every one.

Tick boxes

> We look for applications from organisations or groups that show a real commitment to their local community, particularly supporting vulnerable people.

> We are keen to support volunteer orientated groups, who are used to relying on minimal funds and the goodwill and generosity of members - we know we can make a real impact here.

> We're looking for groups who are enhancing the lives of the neighbourhoods they are running within, as it's important to us to support people making a difference in communities across the UK.

> In reviewing all submissions for funding, we consider which requests in our opinion offer “the greatest chance to progress ideas and activities with a lasting impact.”

> We want our £500 to go as far as possible so are looking for groups with a real vision of how they would spend this money efficiently.

If your application demonstrates a lasting impact, you will be helping to build a legacy for your community project, and this is what we're looking to support. 

We have provided a full list of criteria to help clarify what is and isn't allowed - have a good read of this before you submit your entry.

We hope to hear from you and good luck!