How to apply for funding

Apply for funding

Applications for Grassroots Giving in 2018 are now closed

Our application process is online.

This is what you'll need for your application:

1. Name, address, email and phone number for a representative of the group

2. Details of how many members your group has and when it was established

3. Confirmation that your group is run by volunteers

4. An overview of what your group does

5. A clear idea of how you'd spend the funding to help your group evolve, and help as many people as possible

6. Details of anywhere else you receive funding from

7. Details of how you may support vulnerable people

8. A quote from yourself or someone from your group that you'd be happy for us to use in the press about why you would value this support and what you would like to do with the money

9. Website address

10. Facebook and twitter urls if you have them

11. Up to 3 images of your group undertaking your activities (these will go on the website if you are shortlisted and may be used in the press, so please ensure you have all permissions necessary). The images you upload should be in gif, jpg or png format and no more than 3MB each. At this stage images are not mandatory, however uploading them now will save you time in the future as we will need images of all shortlisted groups.

12. By entering, the winner will agree to allow the free use of their name and photograph for publicity and news purposes

13. You will be asked to confirm you are not a registered charity (as we cannot allocate Grassroots Giving funding to charities)

That's it! We've kept it simple so the application should be a quick process, especially if you prepare all of the above.

We'd also recommend you read our article on the criteria for the funding and read our FAQs in advance of applying, to give yourselves the best possible chance of being shortlisted. 

We look forward to reading your entry.  

Good Luck!