Apply for funding

We thought it might be useful to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions from previous applicants to help you understand the process. 


General enquiries

When can I apply? The application process for Grassroots Giving in 2018 opened on 1 May and closed on 31 July; this year we have 165 pots of £500 to give away - a total fund of £82,500

When’s the deadline for applications? The application process closed at midnight on 31 July 2018

My group is a registered charity, can we apply? Sorry but no, not for this funding. Skipton Building Society runs a separate Charitable Foundation to help charities. Information can be found on the Society’s website www.skipton.co.uk

Can I download the free resource guides even if I haven’t applied? Yes, and please do. The free resource guides are available to all organisations whether they apply for Grassroots Giving or not and we would encourage you to make the most of these.

Can we submit multiple applications for different projects? No. We ask that each organisation submits just one application for a particular project.

Do I need to be a Skipton Building Society customer to apply? No. Grassroots Giving is open to all, so please feel free to mention it to anyone else you think could benefit.

How does the money reach us? Once the voting has taken place all winning groups will be notified in November 2018. Winning groups will be contacted and providing we receive the correct bank account details these groups will automatically receive £500.

Where can I find out more information on Grassroots Giving? Our website www.skiptongrg.co.uk will tell you all you need to know about Grassroots Giving and how to apply. If you require any further information you can call into your nearest Skipton Building Society branch and staff will be pleased to offer help and advice. You’re also welcome to tweet us at www.twitter.com/SkiptonBS_GrG or follow us on Facebook.


The application process

Why are you only allowing online applications? To ensure we can maximise the amount we can donate via funding we need to keep the application process as streamlined as possible. We are aware that many people and organisations regularly use online systems to access all kinds of services. Other people can usually find help from friends and family. The Grassroots Giving online application process is simple and quick but if you require any help or advice please call in or contact your nearest Skipton Building Society branch.

Can I apply from my local Skipton Building Society branch? Staff at your local branch will be delighted to offer help and advice to any organisation but the Grassroots Giving application must be made online.

Will you let me know if you’ve received my application? Once you have completed your application successfully, you will receive an automated response to inform you that you do not need to do anything else.

I’ve applied, what happens next? Once you have applied you will receive an automated response to confirm your application has been received successfully. Following the application closing date on 31 July, a shortlist of organisations will be compiled and posted on the Grassroots Giving website. The public will then be free to vote for their favourite organisation from 3 September to 12 October. The winning groups will be notified in November.

I’ve applied but not heard anything since, is that normal? Yes, once you have received the automated response to your application you need do nothing.

Why do you need a photo of our group? We are keen to bring our shortlisted groups to life, so include images of these on our website for others to get a feel for what your group is all about. Also as Grassroots Giving has proved to be a massive success annually since 2013, many organisations have been featured in their local newspapers. For 2018 we will be keen to continue shouting about Grassroots Giving and we would like to accompany all press releases with a photograph of the winning organisations. By submitting a photo you are agreeing to its use by Skipton Building Society for the purposes of publicising Grassroots Giving. We may contact winning groups to obtain the names of people in the photo and ask for evidence that you have permission to use it for publicity.

Why do you need a quote? What kind of thing are you looking for? We have asked you to provide a quote from a representative from your group to help us tell your story and make it more personal. For shortlisted groups this will go on the website and may also be used in press articles. We are looking for you to tell us why you would value this support and what difference the funding would make for your group, and those you help, in just a couple of lines.

When will we receive any money? If your organisation is one of the winners chosen by our public vote, you will receive your £500 prize from November 2018, normally by bank transfer to your chosen account.

Our group won last year, can I apply again? We’re sorry but no. We want to help as many organisations across the UK as possible and feel it would be unfair to those groups if we allowed last year’s winners to take part again.

A family member works for Skipton Building Society, can we still apply? Yes. All entries will be judged in exactly the same way.

Entry criteria

What are your general entry guidelines? If you are a small group that is working to help those in your local neighbourhood this is for you. We cannot support registered charities, but are appealing to groups who may struggle to get funding from elsewhere. 

There is no limit to the size of your group, and the funding is available across all regions of the UK. This funding is not for groups outside of the UK, or for activities run outside of the UK. We can also not support political activities or political causes.

As a mutual building society we believe it is important that we support the community particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged - extra consideration will be given to groups who support more vulnerable sectors of society.

You can find out more here about the criteria for applications - /apply-for-funding/criteria-for-applicants/

You don’t allow entries for running costs, what are these? Things like rent, salaries, insurance etc - the everyday expenses that you need to cover to be able to run your group. Our funding is specifically intended to help you grow and flourish, to achieve things you aspire to do, and help you to help more people in your communities for years to come, rather than covering everyday costs.

You can find out more here about the criteria for applications - /apply-for-funding/criteria-for-applicants/

Why can’t registered charities apply? Skipton Building Society runs a separate Charitable Foundation to help charities. With Grassroots Giving we want to support groups who have less funding opportunities.


The voting process

How does this work? Our shortlisted groups will be added to our website, under the relevant region, with a brief profile of the group and its activities, taken from the application. When voting opens there will be a ‘Vote Now’ button on the profile page of each shortlisted group. You simply click this, and enter your email address to vote.

When does the voting process start? In 2018, voting starts on 3 September. Throughout September and into October you will be able to vote online for the applicant whom you would most like to see receive one of the 165 donations of £500. You can also visit your local branch of Skipton Building Society to register your vote.

Can I vote more than once? 1 vote per email address is permitted.

How will I know if I’ve won? Don’t worry, we will be in touch if you have won (by email) then this will be announced on the website and via our social media channels and the press. We also inform unsuccessful groups and remind them about the online resources available at our website.