Criteria for applicants

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The idea behind our Grassroots Giving campaign is to help community organisations, or groups, who only have access to limited funding from elsewhere. For this reason, registered charities will not be able to request funding via Grassroots Giving. The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation, founded in 2000 is our dedicated funding stream for charities.

Applications are invited from:

  • Any community group based in the UK;
  • Where people involved in the group are all volunteers;
  • Where groups can show how a Grassroots Giving donation would benefit their community;
  • Where the donation would benefit vulnerable people e.g. homeless, elderly, deprived areas, etc

Please note that applications to support the following WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING:

  • Rent and/or maintenance of a property
  • Expeditions, holidays or travel programmes
  • UK centres for overseas projects
  • Projects which are normally the responsibility of other organisations such as the NHS or local government
  • Medical research and medical equipment
  • Animal welfare
  • Party political activities
  • Promotion of religious causes
  • Running costs including: rent, insurance, employee wages, expenses and training of volunteers
  • Direct costs of fundraising events, including: paying for food, drink, room hire, promotional goods or other direct elements of a fundraising event or activities
  • Loans or business finance
  • Requests to cover the costs of travel expenses or sponsorship of events
  • Individuals and students not  part of a wider group
  • Groups that have an annual net profit of more than £10,000
  • Activities taking place outside of the UK

Have a look at our 2017 winners by clicking on the link to the left and also see what kind of groups were shortlisted, and browse their profiles to see what they had requested the funding for.