Yorkshire Subterranean Society (Y.S.S.)

Helwith Bridge, Settle

Your story

We are a caving club established over 50 years ago, with a bunkhouse and training facility in the Yorkshire Dales.

Group introduction

We are a friendly caving club with an affordable bunkhouse and SRT (single rope technique) training facility.
Many varied groups make use of our facilities including the training room and we have a meeting room used by local community groups.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Cave rescue has been very much in the news lately and we are very proud of our friends who went to assist. We believe that good training prior to using rope techniques underground is essential and built a training wall for this purpose. We would use the funding to purchase 2 further full SRT kits for training purposes.

"We are proud to have gone very green recently, all solar panels and low energy eco stuff installed to help save our wonderful planet.
Stuart (Chairman)."

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