The Friends of Nunroyd Park


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Improving and maintaining a well used local park.

Group introduction

The group was formed in 2017 after noticing that other small underused nature parks in the area had 'friends of' groups but the largest and most used park, Nunroyd, did not. We meet for a business meeting every month. Every Monday evening we meet to pick litter and control himalayan balsam . With the help of the park ranger we also have 'task days'. So far we have built steps on dangerous footpaths, planted a small wildflower meadow and cut back overgrown shrubs and trees to ease access. We encourage children to join in and our Facebook page has over 700 followers, some who join us volunteering in the park.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

After the council put in new paths across the park 3 years ago more people can enjoy it. However, some of these paths are very long and elderly and those with poor mobility have nowhere to sit and rest. We would like to provide benches on these paths and we have fundraising activities lined up. Any help with this would be great. Benches, metal ones, start at £350.

"We want more people to have access to the park and see how beautiful it is.

Tracey Garczynski, treasurer"

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The Friends of Nunroyd Park