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Stocksbridge Gymnastiocs Club raises the bar for local children.
Help get us on track with an Air Track.

Group introduction

Stocksbridge Gymnastics Club has gone from strength to strength since launching in February 2017. In just 16 months it has grown from 4 classes a week for 4-6 children each, to 96 registered members. The club now runs 8 classes weekly with 10-16 young gymnasts in each. Members are currently girls and boys aged between 5 and 14 years old from the local area. There is already a demand for additional classes and a growing waiting list to join. To fulfil this demand, the club now needs to expand the classes, range and quantity of equipment available to promote the ongoing development of the skills and techniques of the gymnasts.
Stocksbridge is a semi-rural steel working town around 10 miles North of Sheffield. Geographically isolated from other clubs, Heather Clough, founder and Head Coach and her team of two assistant coaches maintain a club ethos that is inclusive and friendly yet offers high quality professional coaching to school aged children of all abilities. This opportunity would not otherwise be available in the area, so ensures children with an interest and enjoyment in gymnastics can remain involved. Other clubs out of the immediate area would not be accessible to members without access to a car. With childhood obesity on the rise, the opportunity to keep children active locally, engaged in enjoyable physical activity whilst developing the discipline of sports training equips the children with valuable skills and health benefits.
Mixed ability classes allows gymnasts to learn together. Members just developing the most basic skills can learn from competitive level gymnasts, and those in the squad can support and inspire those just beginning their gymnastics journey. It creates a supportive, encouraging and positive environment. The club celebrates successes as gymnasts work through the accredited British Gymnastics Badge scheme and encourages them to learn and develop gymnastic skills, take part in healthy active exercise and increase the self-confidence of members. The club has also begun to offer competitive opportunities for the increasingly successful development squad, but ensures all gymnasts are able to have this experience through inter-class competitions and attendance at other regional competitions.
The club is non-profit making, reliant on member’s class fees which are kept as low as possible at £5 a session to help keep the club affordable. The club is run by volunteers but requires qualified coaches to deliver the classes who are paid on a self-employed basis. Small scale club fundraising like raffles, sweet tube pennies collections and name the teddies has been the main source of additional funding to date but to fulfil the needs of the club, increased funding is needed to purchase equipment that will benefit all of the gymnasts to develop their skills.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Stocksbridge Gymnastics Club is committed to expanding the range of equipment and apparatus available to use in classes. The club is based in the local Secondary School after school hours but does not have access to a sprung floor which many clubs with a bespoke gymnastics venue would have. This would be very beneficial for learning jumps, landings and acrobatic moves and sequences. The club is currently fundraising to buy an Air Track which would enable them to provide a portable substitute for sprung flooring that supports jumps, lessens impact on wrists and ankles and helps to build confidence in these moves. Also allowing more advanced gymnasts to extend their technique further. The Air Track the club requires costs around £2400 and whilst the club has begun to fund raise, to be successful with the Grassroots Giving funding would make a significant impact on the time it will take to acquire the equipment. The addition of an Air Track to the club equipment would be very beneficial for all the members and coaches.

"Heather Clough, Club Founder and Head Coach said :
"If we were to receive funding to help with the purchase of an airtrack this would make such a massive difference to the club. It would be used by all members, in all classes, whatever their age or ability level. Owning an airtrack would also enable the club to offer a more diverse range of classes such as tumbling and team gymnastics, which will encourage a wider range of children to get involved in the sport!""

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