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Skipton Juniors Football Club’s aim is to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to learn football and life skills, as well as providing a supportive and safe environment where they can have fun! We want every child to enjoy their time with us, develop team working skills, have respect for others and gain resilience to take forward into their adult lives.

Group introduction

Skipton Juniors Football Club was formed in 2015 and we have grown in size to around 200 players of all abilities and from all different backgrounds. Children aged 5 – 17 come from Skipton and the outlying villages in the Dales and Craven area.
We rely solely on volunteers who provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment to increase the health and well-being of our local boys and girls. They give up their spare time to support the children in their local community which enhances their quality of life, especially for academic under achievers. Being involved with the Club provides children with a sense of achievement and belonging as they are working as part of a team and this makes them feel included, and proud, of Skipton.
Every other year we hold a Club tournament, where we accommodate over 30 teams from across the region to compete and have fun in football matches. The funding would help us stage our 2019 tournament, providing awards and paying for much needed referees. The community would see the amazing sight of over 300 children playing together who are enjoying themselves and using the community facilities to do so.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If the Club were to obtain this funding, it would help us support 200 players to continue to be a part of a local team. Local children would have a regular organised activity keeping them occupied in their free time, as well as preventing them from overindulging in computer games and other sedentary activities. Being involved with the Club allows them to meet new people, make lasting friendships and learn new life and social skills. Many of our older players obtain both coaching and refereeing badges so they become the next generation of volunteers for us, or in a football club in the area they end up living in.
Football plays an important role in bringing a community together by encouraging more local people to participate as volunteers, bringing different people together at matches and events to mix with each other. As a result this creates a more cohesive, tolerant and inclusive community that values diversity, so instilling a culture of respect and tolerance amongst children, young people and adults. Football also creates a sense of local pride and a sense of place for children, which will be reflected in a reduction in youth offending and general anti-social behavior.
Through our volunteers and coaches, without whose time, energy and commitment, these opportunities for local children wouldn’t exist so local children would have less opportunity to gain important life skills. They volunteer because of a passion for football, a desire to nurture children and to make a difference in their local community.

""We are a friendly and fun Club who aim to make a positive difference in the local community."
Mrs Catherine Davison, Girls Secretary"

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