Your story

Scarboccia are a small group who play the inclusive disability paralympic sport of Boccia. We were Yorkshire Regional Champions in 2017 and runners up in 2018. Our group play twice a week but we also work within the local community and surrounding areas in schools work with the elderly and other groups. Our aim is to raise awareness of the sport , increase well-being and mobility while reducing isolation and encourage participation and benefits of sport.

Group introduction

Scarboccia has a motto - "Boccia Excellence on the Yorkshire Coast". We have been established since 2014. We train at our local sports village twice weekly and our primary sport is Boccia but we also offer other activities to give variety and choice of New Age Kurling and Wheelchair/Chair Volleyball. We have a committee and everyone are volunteers. We are regularly involved with schools, disability groups, the elderly going into homes/care homes. We also enter competitions that can be held at different Yorkshire venues and we are hoping in the future to have a trained coach. We are affiliated with Boccia England who require us to keep our standards, policies and qualifications updated in all aspects of Boccia.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Scarboccia if successful would use the money to purchase Boccia equipment such as Boccia sets and Referee kits and it would enable us to continue our work within the local community. It has been proved that Boccia and other seated sports improve an individuals well-being and has a great impact on reducing loneliness and creates new friendships and improves self esteem.

"Boccia Excellence on the Yorkshire Coast. We are passionate about Boccia and helping the local community to integrate"

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