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Group introduction

We started life in a dilapidated wooden hut in the middle of a rutted, patchy sportsfield in 1910. In 1961 we were renamed Pudsey and Bramley AC. Today we are a thriving part of the community and its surrounding areas supporting children from varying backgrounds, religions and abilities age 7 to 18 years to get active, stay active and have fun doing so (our juniors make up 65 of the member total). We also have a senior section that our older juniors start to run with to make the transition from juniors to seniors as easy as possible.

Our club is a friendly bunch who all have a love of running and athletics. We are run by volunteer parents/carers who give up their time 364 days a year to keep all the children safe.

We are an inclusive club and don't discriminate due to age, race, ability or sexual orientation - no one is excluded.

We encourage our children to compete in a variety of disciplines - track and field, cross country, fell running, road running and they are all proud to wear their club colours - maroon and gold. We regularly enter the West Yorkshire Track and Field and Cross Country Leagues and put teams into local relay competitions. Parents, carers and coaches all pull together to get the children to the events so that those who want to compete are able to get there.

We also have a closed face book group for the children and their parents/carers where anything running related can be posted for the group to see. The childrens achievements are regularly posted and the feedback/comments they receive are inspiring.

We train twice a week at a local school teaching throwing (discus, shot putt, javelin), jumping (hurdles, long jump, high jump) and running skills that keep the children fit and active. The sessions are challenging but our main focus is on keeping it fun and keeping them coming back for more.

Many clubs only operate during term time and cease to run when the children need it most. We only stop for ice and Christmas Day and even then, many of our children run the Park Runs on Christmas Day.

We believe that running is not only about when you ran your last race or how many miles you ran last week, but about community and appreciating all the miles run by other runners too.

Our volunteers all have a love of running and athletics and our aim is to pass this onto our junior members so that they keep fit, stay healthy and remain healthy throughout, not only their childhood but continue through adulthood too.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our equipment is used by all the children twice a week throughout the whole year. As a result, it becomes worn and needs replacing.

In addition, different age categories throw different weights and jump different heights so we need a variety of equipment to accommodate all age groups from 7 to 18 years to that no child misses out or is excluded.

Damaged equipment has to be disposed of immediately to prevent injury to our children and we need the correct equipment so that they aren't throwing incorrect weights or jumping incorrect heights.

Needless to say, we need to continually update our equipment to stay safe and would therefore use any funding in order to do so.

All our current members and any future members would benefit from new equipment purchased, making their athletic experience a positive one.

"We are known for training hard and competing at high levels but also a club known for its character, humour and never taking things too seriously.
Graham Pilling - Senior Member and Group Chairperson."

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