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Men@Eccy - A support group for men over 50 years; run by men for men. The group meet every Tuesday morning 10.00am to 12.00pm at Eccleshill Mechanics Institute.

Group introduction

Men@Eccy offers a weekly, Drop-in session for older men and is aimed at those who have been through a difficult time in their life, such as bereavement, unexpected retirement, caring for a wife or partner and men who are learning to cope with changes in their own physical and mental health. The group is particularly aimed at vulnerable, isolated, older men and is run by volunteers. In essence, we are a group of older men, supporting other older men to help themselves.

Our weekly Drop-in offers a range of activities and guest speakers tailored to meet the needs of individual men. Activities range from indoor games such as pool, darts, dominoes, gentle exercise and dance and reminiscence to name just a few. Guest speakers are invited to discuss topics that are relevant to individual health and social care needs such as looking after someone with dementia, prostate cancer and looking after yourself. Professionals working in the area also attend when invited to discuss home safety, crime prevention and how to avoid scams and doorstep crime. We also enjoy occasional trips out to places of local interest and Intergenerational work with our local Youth Club.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If successful, this funding would have a huge impact on both us as individual men and the wider community. By supporting us as individuals to help ourselves through self care and avoid crisis situations, it improves our confidence levels to deal with similar situations in the future. The knowledge and support we receive and share with each other has a ripple effect through families, friends, neighbours and the wider community. Through the intergenerational work we do with the local youth service, we help influence young people’s attitudes to community involvement and wider citizenship. This is a two-way process and each group of men; young and older learn a great deal from each other about friendship, comradeship and community spirit. It’s great for us to be around some positive young people and for them too and helps build the generation gap and fosters a greater understanding between the two generations different needs and experiences.

""When I retired from work big gaps appeared in my life. Friends moved on and became distant, I had no social life, I felt isolated and forlorn. Men at Eccy ticked all the boxes. I met a group of good friends, men who had undergone similar physical and mental anguish as myself and gave sound advice to alleviate problems through interaction with them. We have occasional trips out to places of historical or natural interest and if not for these excursions some of us would never leave our town. We have intergenerational sessions with young people and engage in games and cooking and develop a mutual understanding and friendship from these events. Thanks to this group I now enjoy a fulfilled happy life change."

Andrew J Laptew"

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