Ingleton Amateur Swimming Club


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The club provides swimming lessons and members daily sessions,
club gala and fun events, and a volunteer workforce to support
the pool and keep it viable.

Group introduction

In 1934 the club members built the pool. They owned it and ran it till 1974 when the newly formed Ingleton Rural Community Council
took it over to modernize it. The club remained independent and a non charity to promote safe/fun and social swimming.We raise funds throughout the year to support swimming and the pool.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

It would go towards new teaching and safety equipment also some fun items. Also some of our Gala trophies are in need of replacement after many years.

"The club is at the centre of our community and provides swimming which is so important in today's enviroment.
Carl Lis CDC & Parish counsellor"

For more information visit:

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