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Friends of Silsden Park are Working for the Conservation and Enhancement of the Park for the benefit of all sections of the Communit.

Group introduction

The Friends group was set up in mid 2017 by a group of local people who regularly use the Park and had seen it's gradual deterioration over the previous few years as Bradford Council reduced its expenditure on parks and Green Spaces throuhghout the area.Flower beds had been grassed over and there was an air of neglect.
During the 2nd half of 2017 we set up a Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and three members. We obtained a grant from Silsden Town Council, set up a bank account with SBS and wrote a Constitution. We obtained acceptance and approval of our activities from both Silsden Town Council and Bradford Metropolitan District Council.Our aim is to protect, conserve, improve and enhance Silsden Park as a place of freedom, recreation and enjoyment for the long term health and well-being of all sections of the local community. Our first venture was to reinstate the flower beds and plant them up for the spring and summer. Many local people have remarked how much more welcoming the park feels as a result of this. We have several more areas to reinstate and projects to get under way. We have surveyed local people to see what improvements they would like to see. We work in partnership with both Bradford and Silsden Councils, Silsden Playing Fields Bowling Club, Silsden Storm junior rugby league club (who both use Park facilities) and the dedicated group of dogwalkers who use the Park daily. A new School is to be built on the outskirts of the town and new walkways will be made through the Park as it will be on most peoples route to school. The Council will fund the paths, but we want to ensure they are bounded by shrubs and flowers.
At present we have 10 active members but this number wiill increase as our work is seen. We also have recruitment stalls at the upcoming Open Day and Gala.

In summary, we help all of the current Park users by improving the look and feel of the Park. We encourage more people to use the Park for exercise, health and well-being.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money would mainly be spent on shrubs, trees and flowers as we gradually open up more bedding areas within the Park. We have an expert advisor who has drawn plans to renovate a large rockery, after which we will move on to other areas of the Park. In the work we have done so far we have planted perennials for the long term and enhanced them with colouful bedding plands. We will also work with the Council to make the Park access better for wheelchairs and prams. Further down the road an all-weather trim-trail is planned to make the Park more user-friendly and promote greater use during inclement weather

""It is wonderful to see the Park coming back to life again after years of decay, with new flower beds and the enthusiasm of the Friends Group" Mags Croft, Deputy Mayor of Silsden."

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