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Foodhall is a multi-award-winning open public dining room and kitchen at the heart of Sheffield city centre. Managed by the community, for the community, we tackle social isolation and encourage integration across a diverse range of community groups.

Group introduction

We are a place for everyone to share food, drink, company, skills and time, all on a contribute-what-you-can basis. Visitors are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the running of Foodhall; volunteers share the same food, space, and resources as other visitors.

At Foodhall the kitchen and cafe form the core of our activities, with many other projects/activities happening alongside. These additional branches are key to the far reaching and diverse outputs of the Foodhall. Each distinct branch is developed in line with the needs of the Foodhall community, and driven by the passion of our key members , who take responsibility for developing something that inspires them and something which others can share in and benefit from. Branches include projects such as our Community Garden, a space for growing vegetables that the whole community can be involved in. Our Community Workshop, which teaches people DIY skills and provides a platform for people to get hands on with tools enabling them to develop their own projects and ideas. And our Open Journal; a printed quarterly publication which anyone from the community can contribute to (this includes provision for people who may need help with writing) These activities are key to building skills, confidence and wellbeing which so many of our engaged community are lacking.

To supply the kitchen and cafe Foodhall intercepts food waste streams from local traders and uses this surplus to serve hot meals three times a week – with ambition to expand to everyday.

At its core, Foodhall represents community, skill sharing, education, participation, equality and inclusion.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Receiving funding for Foodhall would enable us to purchase some much needed equipment for our kitchen and garden projects.

At Foodhall we are open 2 days a week and cook for around 80 people. We will soon open for an extra day and will consequently serve an additional 40 people each week. As our output increases we will need more robust kitchen equipment to cope with the increased use.

In addition to kitchen equipment, Foodhall also wishes to purchase garden tools to help tend our allotment. We recently took over a large, accessible allotment plot close to our community kitchen which will be used by the whole community to grow vegetables and flowers. The aim of the Foodhall allotment is to provide members of our community with an outdoor space which they can contribute to; as well as develop new skills, increase opportunities for creativity and exercise, and of course grow our own produce which everyone can share in!

£500 would enable Foodhall to purchase.

- An industrial immersion blender; powerful enough to cope with feeding large groups
- A new set of large cooking pots and baking trays
- A collection of spades, forks and rakes for use on our community allotment

""Foodhall is a place for all humans to be equal. Anyone can come, share food, cook for their community and learn something new. We think all our cities and towns need a Foodhall in order to build stronger communities and connect people with each other." Alyce Biddle, Director"

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