Embsay and Eastby Good Neighbours


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A voluntary organisation offering local help and befriending to residents of Embsay and Eastby villages under a “Good Neighbours scheme".

Group introduction

Established in 2016 we have a Management committee of 7 who meet quarterly and an Operations committee of 6 that meets monthly and deals with more day to day issues. We provide three areas of support to the local community: We have trained befrienders that visit some elderly residents; we provide short term help such as local transport, domestic support and household assistance to anyone who requests it (if we can) and lastly we support and participate in groups within the villages with the objective of fostering a greater community spirit.

For our befriending service we have two trained committee members that run 2 training courses per year for any volunteer that would like to participate in this service. Currently we have 11 members trained and we befriend a total of 13 residents in the villages. Since inception we have had 18 referrals to the scheme.We have a befriending co-ordinator who initially meets with the resident and then contacts a befriender who she believes would make the best match. Meetings between befriender and resident are arranged to suit. There is a high percentage of elderly living in the villages and this service is intended to reach out to those and any others who feel lonely or isolated in our community or who just want a chat from time to time.

For our domestic help service all our volunteers who register indicate what types of activity they can support. We have a dedicated mobile phone of which the number is advertised throughout the villages and when a resident calls the phone holder contacts a volunteer who then arranges to undertake the task. Tasks can be simple DIY jobs, lifts to the Doctor, hospital or shops, dog walking or simply putting the rubbish bins out and such-like.

All our volunteers are all specifically DBS checked and details of any visits recorded to ensure safeguarding and procedures are followed.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The total cost of running the group is around £1,500 pa. We have already raised £550 this year and a successful application here would be a great boost to moral and enable us to continue our work. We did receive Grassroots funding in 2016 which was a great result for us.

Within our annual cost estimate is an amount of £350 for the publication of an Autumn newsletter which we distributed last year to all homes in the villages and the intention is to repeat this annually. Craven District Council have already donated £150 towards this. The newsletter acts as an advertisement for us and what we do and also included useful information on the villages and local services. We believe this helps in fostering our community spirit.

Our befriending costs are around £400 per annum and other running costs such as insurance telephone and DBS costs primarily make up the balance of costs.

We do have the capacity and enthusiasm to befriend further resident referrals. We are in our third year of existence and are becoming part of the recognised fabric of the community. Social services and other professional are becoming more aware of us and we offer a real alternative to alleviate depression and loneliness and a successful application here would enable us to continue.

"A successful application would be great news for the scheme and allow us to continue our work in the villages of Embsay and Eastby. Robin Culver - Treasurer"

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