Disability Support Calderdale


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We support vulnerable people with disabilities and long term health conditions and put the people we work with first.

Group introduction

We are an unincorporated organisation run and for people with disabilities. We work in Calderdale and have an advocacy project that supports people with welfare benefit issues and supports vulnerable people at medicals and tribunals. We also support people with housing and disability access issues. We have a community arts project and a fitness project that works with people with people with disabilities and older people. The fitness project started in April 2018 and is based at Todmorden Health Centre and offers seated exercises and a social hub for people that do not go out often and offers an opportunity to make social connections. The sessions are about fun and enjoyment and we have a group of around 12 people that participate at our weekly sessions.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would help support people with disabilities and long term health conditions and help to improve their cognitive and physical health. At present we have up to 12 people in the Todmorden seated fitness group and we want to expand this idea and offer more fitness groups in Todmorden and other locations in Calderdale. The session lasts for one hour every Monday 11 - 12 noon and is supported by a team of volunteers. The funding would be spent on room hire, equipment, volunteer training, refreshments and travel for people who have access and travel issues with leaving home. The exercise sessions improve co-ordination and make muscles supple and improve general health and wellbeing. The sessions are fun and the group work together as a team and all participants have fun and there is a social element to the fitness sessions where people have made new friends and social connections.

"'I look forward to Monday's and leave the fitness sessions with a buzz and always feel better after a workout with the group' -Anne Knight, fitness group member."

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