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Hugs, Tea and Free TV

Group introduction

I run the group and we have been active for almost 3 years.We provide free drinks and snacks to the patients, their families and visitors on Haemotology wards J87,J88 and J89 of the Bexley Wing at St James Hospital Leeds. We have a tea station on J87 which is the Outpatients department where we also provide free drinks and snacks for all who visit that department.When funds allow, we provide free TV and internet access for the patients in 40 individual rooms on J88 and J89. We are also well known for our "Hugs" which we freely give to anyone who feels the need, hence our name.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As previous winners of this funding we used the money to pay for free TV and if we were successful this time, we would use the money to pay for more free TV.This would further our aim to continue this provision indefinitely and continue to help 40 or more patients to watch TV without worrying about the cost. As long as we are receiving help through funding such as yours,we can continue this provision indefinitely for 40 individual rooms weekly, and approximately 70 patients a day in the Outpatients Department will continue to benefit from our tea station.

"Here Come The Hug On A Tray Girls Again by Mrs Lesley Noble Leader"

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