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Hereford Harriers Wheelchair Rugby League Team - Helping to achieve dreams

Group introduction

Hereford Harries are a self-funded wheelchair rugby club that give male, female, disabled or able-bodied players something to really focus on and be an active member of a team or club.

The group was created in 2016 and is run by a group of passionate volunteers, who are a selected committee and are also players of the group. This includes a chairman, a manager, a secretary, a fund raising officer and a treasurer. The club has grown from 7 or 8 members to 17 members, including players and staff.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding would have a great impact on our community because becoming a paraplegic quite recently myself, I know first hand that this life changing experience can become very daunting and a depressing place. It is evident that a person can go one of two ways; backwards which is a lonely and an unforgiving place for that individual and the family around them, or forwards, which is a more positive approach to life and much more rewarding for that person, along with friends and family. So now that the club is established and becoming very successful, it will help others for years to come.

We all pay a monthly membership fee and rely on any type of sponsorship or fundraising events, to keep the growing club going. This includes hiring a court in Hereford leisure centre, for regular training sessions, home matches and tournaments alike, and travelling expenses, including hiring a van to take the rugby sports chairs, plus players, plus fuel to get to the different locations.

The number of players has more than doubled in the last couple of years and so we had to rely on a lottery grant to supply the club with the sports wheelchairs required to play rugby. The feedback we get to the club is really positive and makes it very worth while.

"Andrew Holley - Fundraising officer and player"

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