The Llwynhendy and Pemberton Forum

Llwynhendy, Llanelli

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The Llwynhendy and Pemberton Forum supports the most vulnerable people in its local community.

Group introduction

We are a community group that aims to support our community as a whole, from children through to the elderly. The group is run completely by volunteers from children, elderly and local councillors. We set up the group in June 2017 as we identified a great need to support our local community by providing help and support.
Llwynhendy is a deprived area where the standard of living is very low and the crime rate high. A large portion of our community are either elderly of vulnerable.
So far we have raised funds to purchase a 24 hour access defibrillator, run a free lunch club for children during school holidays, provide free lunches for the elderly, collected food for the food bank, raised funds to buy food and equipment for the soup station, organised community litter picks, community events and much more.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This money would have a large impact on the elderly and vulnerable in our community. If our application was successful we would purchase memo minders. These are battery operated devices that can be free standing or wall mounted that work on a sensor. For example if a person has memory loss, once they have gone passed the sensor it would remind them to perhaps make sure the door chain is on. They can be programmed to say whatever message the person, family or friend wanted on the machine. A good quality memo minder costs £25 so this grant could potentially help 20 vulnerable people and their families stay safe for many years. Can we put a cost on safety and support for the elderly and vulnerable??

"Skipton Buliding Society has awarded the LLwynhendy and Pemberton Forum £500 to purchase memo minders to keep the most vulnerable people in the community safe. This equipment is revolutionary in keeping the elderly and vulnerable safe - Cllr Jason Hart, Chairman of the LLwynhendy and Pemberton Forum"

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