Stockland Street Community Planters

Grangetown, Cardiff

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Brightening Up Grangetown and Bringing the Community Together

Group introduction

We're a group of local residents who care for the Stockland Street Community Planters, two mini-gardens at the intersection of Stockland Street and Clive Street in Grangetown. Grangetown is a multicultural inner city area of Cardiff with limited green spaces and public gardens. The planters were provided by Cardiff Council last summer as part of their Love Where You Live initiative and our group of volunteers got together to look after them. We live in the streets around the planters and are responsible for planting, weeding, watering and caring for them and keeping them litter free. The inspiration for coming together to care for the planters came after we organised a street party in Stockland Street in 2016 for neighbours to get to know one another, share food and have fun. The party was a great success and was repeated in 2017, with money raised from the first party raffle used to buy the plants. We planted up the planters at the second street party, with lots of residents joining in, including many children. One planter is full of flowers and the other one contains herbs. We're now looking for funding to allow us to buy new plants and to continue keeping the planters looking good and brightening up the local community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would help us buy plants and compost and any gardening tools we need for around the next five years, which would be fantastic. We are trying to involve as many of the local community as possible in the gardening and caring for the planters and the funding would also help us promote the group and get more people to join in (e.g. through printing flyers and posters). The planters make a big difference to the environment of a densely populated urban area of Cardiff. They are a splash of colour and greenery in this built up landscape and residents and passers-by often comment on how lovely it is to see flowers in the area. They are being gardened organically and we are using plants which attract bees and pollinators. One of the planters contains herbs which we encourage local residents to help themselves to for cooking. Residents are getting involved by providing seeds and cuttings for the planters, as well as tending them.

""The Stockland Street Community Planters bring the local community together and provide a splash of colour in our neighbourhood. We're helping local people of all ages learn new skills and make new friends by getting involved with gardening and planting. We're also helping foster a sense of pride in the community of Grangetown and an awareness of the natural environment", Fiona McAllister (Lead Volunteer)"

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