Pontprennau Clean and Green


Your story

Pontprennau is a great place to live but we have a big problem with litter and fly-tipping. Pontprennau clean and green organise events to bring the community together and make Pontprennau a cleaner and greener area.

Group introduction

Pontprennau is a suburb to the north east of Cardiff. Pontprennau clean and green started as a small group of community members doing adhc litter picks during the second half of 2017. By the start of 2018 there was so much interest that we we decided to get organised and advertise our events to the wider community. The first litter pick took place in January 2018 and 35 people attended. We have since run events each month and consistently get over 20 people attend.

We have a core committee of 11 people including a Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We currently borrow our litter picking equipment from other community groups.

This means we are limited in what we can do and when, based on the availability of equipment.

Having this funding would enable us to buy a set of core equipment which can be used by volunteers. some members have bought their own but a full set of equipment is expensive with an adults set (including a heavy duty litter picker) coming in at around £40. This funding would kickstart our fundraising and go a long way towards our goal of purchasing 25 set of adult's equipment and 5 sets of children's equipment.

"Being involved with Pontprennau clean and green has allowed me to actively do something about maintaining and improving my neighbourhood. For the first time since moving here, five years ago, I also feel part of the community and that i really know my neighbours."

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