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#Caru Amlwch- #Love Amlwch-A successful community interest group based in Amlwch the most Northerly town in Wales

Group introduction

We are 9 local people who came together because we saw out town was falling into disrepair, shops were closing, all the banks had gone, industry had closed down, unemployment was high, and morale of the residents was very low. We formed our Community Interest Group (CIG) and started to fundraise and apply for grants for Amlwch, we have became so successful that the County Council have been trying to encourage other areas to adopt our principal. We have just received our first year of “trading” accounts and we were astonished to learn we had raised over £35K, every penny has been or will be spent in Amlwch.

We have obtained funding to prepare land for our first community allotments, we have started a teenage girls football team, raised funds to buy a pop up cinema, and we have free showings of children’s films monthly. We have obtained grants to update 4 local play parks, and run many holiday activities for local children. In November we were able to organise the first ever bonfire and firework night the town had seen, over 3000 people attended, the small entry fee we charged adults has been ring fenced for a better display in 2018.

We have received recognition from the Gwynedd High Sherriff and from North Wales Police; we have won 3 awards from these organisations, and work closely with the local police and fire service.
We help the whole community, from small children to the older generation, and have events that includes intergenerational work, we try to improve the lives of people and from feedback it seems that morale is now higher, and people are taking more interest in our town- this was brought to our attention recently when a 10 year old girls asked our group if we would do a community litter pick in our local park- over 50 bags of rubbish were collected. We are continuing to work hard as volunteers- we all have “day jobs” and young children to care for as well, but feel we have achieved a step forwatd in our small town.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Craig y Don is a large housing estate based in Amlwch Port. There is a high number of families with children who reside on the estate.
Amlwch Port is in the top 500 most deprived areas in Wales. The rate of unemployment of residents in Amlwch Port is higher than the national average. Amlwch Port is in the top 10 most deprived areas on the Isle of Anglesey. There are a number of factors which contribute to this and this includes a decline in industry and businesses, which in turn results in local residents who have or are facing unemployment. Forming part of a rural area, transportation links are generally poor and people who could work are generally unable to get to their place of work, should they not have a car.

Despite the economic challenges faced by some residents in Amlwch Port, there is an exceptionally proud and supportive community spirit in place. Residents help and support each other. Families provide peer to peer support to each other. Grwp Cymunedol #caruamlwch have been very fortunate in being given substantial commercial park items from Magnox Nuclear. Magnox is the current organisation in charge of the nuclear plant in nearby Cemaes Bay. The park items include a large scale early Years childrens park frame and also a large set of football and basketball goals. The cost of these items new would be in excess of £30,000. Due to the high numbers of children who live in Amlwch Port and very poor play opportunities, #caruamlwch have decided to donate the park items to the Craig y Don housing estate. There is derelict field behind Craig y Don which is leased by Amlwch Town Council via the Isle of Anglesey County Council. The land is maintained by the town council.

The aim of this project is to secure funding to install the equipment on the field behind the Craig y Don houses. The cost of installing this by a ROSPA accredited park provider is £7011 In total.
This will mean a multitude of grant funder’s part contributing towards the costs of installation. It is vital that the items are installed by a ROSPA accredited park provider to maintain the health and safety of our children. Once this is in place, it will attract 100’s of children from the estate, and the wider locality to enjoy outside play, make new friend and interact in the fresh air, whilst exercising.

"We are all volunteers working hard to put our small town back on the map.

Ann Tooze- Secretary"

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