East Newport Cycle Speedway Club


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East Newport Cycle Speedway club is based in the heart of a semi rural council estate, we offer a fun way to keep fit and active

Group introduction

We are a family oriented cycling club based in a semi rural council estate ran by a husband and wife team Becky and Chris Wright.
Cycle speedway is a form of racing on a small oval track, our club offers training and the opportunity to compete, we have been active as East newport since Dec 2018,we are club based solely on donations and is ran by volunteers, we live in an area where there are no facilities for children or teens who will often turn to damaging and vandalising as 'something to do' We are tying to build our club as we have had a fair number of children arrive at our track lately wanting to join but we have unfortunately had to turn them away as we dont have enough equipment bikes, helmets etc. We would love to build our club as the members we have now know that for four hours a week they have an activity they can take part in and the opportunity to race at competitions aswell , again this is all funded by the very small group of volunteers we have. We desperately want to grow as a club and offer this exciting and rewarding sport to other children in the local area

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would spend the money getting new equipment and doing some much needed repairs around our track. This would benefit the local community as it gives the children not only exercise but stops them from causing trouble because they are bored with not even a park to play on

"Speedway is so much fun! I love training and racing and would have nothing to do if we didnt have the club
Tia Brain 10"

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