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Cardiff Lions RFC is Wales' first Gay Inclusive Rugby Club who welcomes players of any level regardless of sexuality.

Group introduction

Cardiff Lions RFC is Wales’ first Gay inclusive rugby club. The club welcomes players of all ability regardless of sexuality. Since 2004 the clubs aim has been to provide a space where anyone who wants to play rugby - can.

Training is ran twice a where the club develops new players, while providing more experienced players to take the lead in development and game strategy.

The club is currently run by the 2018/19 committee which is made up of

Gareth Waters - Chairman
Luke Boome Davies - Club Secretary
Mark Lewis-Evans - Rugby Secretary
Liam Donovan - Treasurer
Paul Milner - Social & Fundraising Secretary
Martin Plant - Coach
Gareth Waters - Coach

The season is made up of a number fixtures including friendlies with local teams and other Gay & inclusive teams in the ‘UK Gay & Inclusive Invitational Rugby Championship’. Where the club plays a number of teams from across the South of England.

The club also attends a number Gay & Inclusive tournaments, the most recent being the Bingham Cup in Amsterdam. The club teamed up with the Birmingham Bulls. The combined team were successful in their division and brought home the ‘Challenger plate’.

Off the pitch, the club has an active social scene amongst members. There are many social events in the calendar. These range from nights out to weekends away camping. The club also takes part in LGBT events such as Cardiff Pride.

The social side plays an important part to many members as it provides an opportunity to meet new LGBT people outside of the typical clubs.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If successful, the club would invest the funding into new equipment for training and match days.

The current equipment is old and will need to be replaced. This would likely be spent in the following way.

New rugby balls £100
New Tackle/Rucking bags £150
Club Rugby Boots £150*
Training Bibs £50
Match day water bottles £50

*As we have a number people who are new to the sport. Spare boots would allow brand new players the chance to try out Rugby without having to purchase a pair of boots.

The new equipment would benefit a number stakeholders within the club.

New players
One of the current barriers for new players it the start up costs to come train. If the club was to provide equipment such as boots then this would reduce the barriers making them more likely to join a training session to find out more about rugby.

All players
New equipment would improve the overall training/playing experience for players for example:

Having enough quality balls to practice drills for all players
More tackle bags means more players receive more practice. Improving their confidence in what can be considered one of the hardest parts of rugby
Having enough match day bottles will make it easier to rehydrate during game.

Through the improvement in training session experience, the club can continue to attract and retain players which is fundamental to the club’s sustainability. I believe the investment in equipment will allow the club to provide improved experiences for many years to come.

"Daniel Guy

Moving back to Cardiff, I wanted to try something new and meet new people specifically within the Gay community. The Cardiff Lions gave me an opportunity to try a new sport which I now love while making some fantastic friends. I believe the club is a lifeline for many members and I am looking forward to the new season and getting back on the pitch."

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