Three Ways School Enterprise Group


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Students at Three Ways Special school aim to reuse and recycle plastic in an enterprise project. Using a specialist plastic recycling machine students will create new products to sell and reinvest in the school enterprise club.

Group introduction

Three Ways School is a Special Needs Academy in Bath and NE Somerset offering a unique, stimulating learning environment to pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities aged 3-19. At Three Ways School we’re making a difference to young people with learning difficulties and disabilities every day.

Lesley Kinver, work experience and enterprise co-ordinator at the school runs enterprise as part of the lifeskills sessions for young people at the school aged 14-19.

Inspired by Blue Planet and learning about the dangers to the oceans and creatures that plastic is causing the group want to encourage more recycling in school and in their community. They have found a machine which can recycle plastic and make it into other objects which can be used in school or sold through the school enterprise centre.

Projects such as this which can develop students' employability and life skills are invaluable for preparing them for transition to life after school. They help develop team work, communication, an understanding of working life and processes at work which are such valuable lessons for moving towards independence.

We receive government funding for core curriculum teaching, but that doesn’t cover extra equipment such as this. However, we are determined not to let that stand in our way of giving our students access to the curriculum in as full a way as possible – a chance they deserve every bit as much as any other child.

Lesley has been running enterprise in the school for the last five years, encouraging students to develop new skills and see the value in these for their working life, mental health and enjoyment of a hobby or passion.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding towards a plastic recycling machine could be used for projects throughout the school impacting on over 200 students per year for over 5-10 years. The benefits of this could be spread to the school community including over 170 staff and 500 parents and siblings.
The impact on the environment from reusing plastic rather then putting it into landfill or the oceans, although only small in worldwide comparisons, will begin the awareness amongst our community and make a small difference locally and nationally.
By teaching our students new skills and giving them enterprise and lifeskills this increases the chances of further training and employment. This is of huge benefit to young people with special needs, where currently less than 6 % go on to paid employment. The more we can prepare students for work and demonstrate their capabilities to the community and employers the more likely the young people are to be able to move into employment and be less reliant on benefits and third sector support.
To give another outlet for creativity and enterprise in the school means that we can encourage new students to engage with activities, looking at interests in Technology, design and creativity and linking the three for entrepreneurial outcomes. A new piece of equipment would help to do this.

"We are delighted to have the support of Skipton Building Society to be able to help to teach young people with special needs about enterprise, and develop their lifeskills.
We are fundraising to purchase a plastic recycling machine and we hope this will help teach the young people about looking after the environment and how to recycle more.
Lesley Kinver, Enterprise Co-ordinator"

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