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Walking to good health.

Group introduction

The Dorchester Strollers, run entirely by volunteers,organises walks every Monday and Tuesday throughout the year with occasional special walks on a Thursday or Sunday . This is all to encourage people especially those who are older, to do more exercise and thus helping them to stay healthy,

Members come from the county town and from the surrounding villages.

Members do not have to pay any fee for joining The Strollers and all walks are free, too

The Strollers also helps to build a comradeship among those taking part as each walk ends in a welcome social atmosphere at a local cafe for tea and coffee and gives people the opportunity to have a chat about life in general.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

To help general running costs which include publishing regular newsletters, postage, stationery and paying for health and safety training which is carried out by an independent organisation. Each walk has to be led by two fully trained walk leaders and in addition The Strollers have to arrange to have existing leaders attend regular lessons for updating.

"The Dorchester Strollers plays an important role in the everyday life of scores of Dorset people.

Ron Kirby
OBE DSDK[Malaysia]"

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