Pop In Place Performers

Bere Regis

Your story

The Pop In Performers are an all ageS and all abilities creative performing arts group that stage shows in our local community for worth causes. We are part of the Pop In Place and share in the ethos of Bringing the Community together.I have recently been Awarded the Prime Ministers Point of Light Award for my work with the Pop In Place and the Performers Group

Group introduction

The Pop In Performers Group has been going for 21 years now and is run by ThePop In Place we have members of the group from 6 to 75 years and we learn songs and dance routines and put on three performances a year all for worthy Causes. The group is inclusive of all ages and abilities it is set up to help to build confidence and social skills and combats rural isolation and lonliness, It also gives the local community the opportunity to watch live theatre within the village setting while the helping the cast members to gain many life skills and experiences in performing and musical expertise.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we were to get the funding we need to improve our stage set up to purchase new back boards and wings and to look at a new pully set and curtains as our stage is getting very old and the set is warn out with so much use. This will enable us to keep up the performing and give many people the opportunity to either take part or come along and watch and enjoy the productions

"The Bere Regis Pop In Performers are an all age community Performing Creative arts group that benefit both the group members and the local commuinity and the many worthy causes that our ticket monies are donated to. Alison Bennett Director"

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