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A community tennis club offering fun and activity to locals and holiday makers.

Group introduction

Penzance Tennis Club is run by a volunteer Committee of 12 who are elected by the membership each year. The club was founded in 1947 by 7 enthusiastic tennis players, and it has grown and flourished, providing fun and exercise for locals, visitors and holiday makers of all ages and abilities.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we are lucky enough to be awarded this funding, we would use it to run free tennis courses for juniors and adults who have never played tennis before. Our qualified coaches would show them how to hold the racquet and how to hit the ball, as well as explaining the rules of the game. Tennis racquets and balls would be available for players to borrow, so they would not have this initial expense and if they find they want to continue playing after the courses end, they will be helped to choose the right racquet for them.

Our coaches make learning to play tennis such fun, and players find they learn very quickly, and they become proficient very quickly, so that they can continue playing tennis in the future. Not only would participants learn to play this wonderful game and get some exercise, they would also make friends and have a great time. If holiday makers come along to any of the courses, they would be encouraged to find a tennis club close to their home so that they can continue playing after their holiday is over.

"As tennis is a very sociable game, players at our club make lots of friends as well as having fun on court. This grant would be used to offer free tennis introduction courses by our qualified coaches to juniors and adults who have never played tennis. As Penzance is a popular holiday destination, holiday makers can come to our club, and take advantage of the facilities here. After warming up on court, they can walk to the beach and cool down, if they wish. Grassroots Giving is very apt for lawn tennis, and from small seeds wonderful things can grow.
Quote by Tricia Smith, Treasurer, Penzance Tennis Club"

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