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Hooky Players began life in 2000 as an amateur dramatic society, producing a pantomime and a summer play every year. We live in a rural village with poor public transport facilities, so our productions have become a significant event in the calendar for many vulnerable groups in the village, particularly the elderly and the very young. The group is formed completely of local people, working on a voluntary basis, who give their time to act, work backstage or carry out front of house activities. Recently the group has decided to attempt to stage more frequent, more adventurous and more sophisticated events, possibly with a musical theme. We have always priced our events as competitively as possible, with significant concessions for our older and younger audience members. However, even as a strictly non profit making organisation, we still face overheads such as costume hire, venue hire and raw materials for set construction so any additional funding would be very welcome.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

A contribution from the Skipton would allow us to update and replace aging equipment, without the need to pass the costs on to our audience via increased ticket prices. Any shift towards musically based performances will inevitably require the use of sophisticated sound and lighting equipment, items that are in short supply with our group at the moment. More frequent and higher quality events organised and performed by our group, would impact on the entire village (about 2,500 people), bringing both old and young together and strengthening the village community spirit.

"“This contribution from the Skipton will help us to continue strengthening our contribution to village life for years to come.”
Karen Smith - Chairperson"

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