Wrotham Walking Football Club

Wrotham Kent

Your story

We are a walking football club for men and women primarily over 50 years old and meet once a week to enjoy a game. Our group was established to provide over 50's with a chance to participate in a sporting acvtivy while at the same time providing an opportunity for people to meet and socialise. Thus creating an important community activity for an historic country village

Group introduction

We have been active since 2014 with the club run by the members. We have 26 members, made up of male and female players ranging in age from 46 to 78. The group's ethos is to have fun and although the games are competitive we never forget that. Players of all abilities and fitness levels are welcome. Most live in the village and we retire every week after the game to one of our village pubs. The club provides an important place for the older segment of our community to get together and socialise while at the same time getting the health benefits of a little exercise. This regular activity also provides a boost to one of our dwindling number of village pubs.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our games take place on a multi sport court in the village park and the surface is of a concrete/ tarmac construction. Over time we have had a number of injuries with players going over on the extremely hard surface. Older bodies and concrete do not make a good match. Monies we raise, together with funds from the Parish Council, will go towards paying for changing the surface to a more forgiving sports ready version. This initiative would not only help the Wrotham walking footballers but all of the other villagers who would choose to use the court. This of course means many of the younger people in our community.

"I have lived in the village for 27 years but have only really met people in my community since I joined the Wrotham Walking Football club. I look forward to my football nights for the exercise, and the companionship I enjoy when we retire to the pub. It is important that activities exist to keep the community feeling alive in these old country villages. Nigel Coupland - Member"

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