The Music Club For Disabled Children


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"lets sing,dance,make music & have fun together"

Group introduction

Children and young people with disabilities and additional needs will have access to musical play with opportunities for peer interaction and support enabling self aware ness and the development of communication skills and other social skills.
With limited access to play and leisure for disabled children and young people in the local area, two mum's, both parents of disabled young people, decided to start an after school activity where disabled children, their families and friends could come together for peer support, music making, music appreciation and just to have fun all within the local area avoiding the need for long travel journeys experienced by so many of these children for school and other services.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The club provides a short break activity using music and movement for disabled children and young people and their families who may be at risk of social isolation and exclusion. Your funding would enable us to provide experienced activity leaders for our regular sessions giving a variety of musical genres and help fund excursions to theatres

""Thank you for a lovely afternoon. George loved having his good friend Steve to entertain him. The joy he gets from music is like nothing's all that he needs from life. Thank you. I loved watching him finding a moment of pure happiness and calm. X "

Davina Turnball - parent

"Thanks for having us to dance tonight! We had a great time and we hope you did too!

Borderline Morris Dancers"

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