Purple People Kitchen Food Bank

Portslade, Brighton

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Purple People Kitchen Food Bank supplies food and emotional support to vulnerable people in Portslade.

Group introduction

PPK is a Food Bank, set up 7 years ago to service the people who live within the Portslade area of Brighton and Hove.The Trust for Developing Communiites set up the Food Bank and after 12 months it was run entirely by volunteers. We have support from local businesses and schools, who make regular collections on our behalf.Our clients are people are referred to us by various local agencies. We provide food and a hot meal every Friday. People are given a variety of fresh, frozen and tinned food. This food is collected daily by our volunteers.We also have a weekly delivery from Fareshare and UK Harvest.We feed between 40 and 70 people each week. Our client base can be homeless , unemployed, In work on low income, in debt, suffering from drug, alcohol or long term illness or disability.We help families who have suffered domestic abuse, and some who are displaced due to political situations in their own countries. They are offered advice on housing, budgeting, fuel economy, training courses, debt management, healthy eating, health and social problems by various professionals who visit us at regular intervals. Our numbers are increasing .Need for our support has been vital to improving the lives of hundreds of people over the years and we are determine to continue providing this , now essential service.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would use the money to supplement the range of products on offer to our clients.Each week we buy in supplies from Fareshare. We collect and distribute almost 2.5 tons of food each week, which is collected from the local Marks ans Spencer store in Shoreham , from Ice land and from Greggs .We store food in freezers and fridges. We make jam from fresh produce, which we pass on to our clients. We use some of the food to cook a meal every Friday for up to 60 people.Despite all of this there are many items we seldom get , so when we can we buy them in. Items such as sanitary products, washing powder, toilet rolls, toiletries, tooth paste and toothbrushes. This would enrich the lives of 60+ people each week.

"Thank you for all you've done for us over the years. I've now got two jobs and we are doing well. Julie. Ex Service user"

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