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Little Kingshill

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Providing playground equipment for the local community to bring people together and build a thriving, integrated village where people know and care for each other. Improving existing facilities to ensure that everyone can participate – regardless of ability and age.

Group introduction

We're a community group that formed in 2017 to improve the children's playground facilities of our village.

There are five of us in the management committee and we are trying to raise funding to buy and install toddler and older children’s equipment for the village playing field. Whilst there are 5 of us in the management structure we are aware that the success of the project relies on wider community engagement and support. We have therefore ensured community involvement by canvassing opinions via a survey as well as engaging with the village community and parish council.
We have an inclusive style and as such continually welcome new members to listen to their opinions and ideas.

We passionately believe that we can make a difference to the village and help to create a real community focal point, as well as helping children to get out doors and enjoy nature.

The work that we do will have an impact across many sectors of the community, improving the lives of children directly, but also indirectly the lives of the carers whether they are parents, grandparents or friends of the family. It would also substantially improve the access for the disabled community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The playground in Little Kingshill has no play equipment for toddlers and as a result there is nowhere in the local community where families with young children can come together to meet, play, and forge relationships which can be so important in community integration and life.

With many families new to the village, creating a shared space in the village is critical to inclusion and a sense of belonging, especially as the village does not have a natural focal point for new parents / new arrivals – there are no village shop, post offices or banks. Furthermore, an outdoor play area for toddlers would enable them to access the natural environment and play outside in a safe way, helping them to develop a sense of wonder and joy of discovery.

Your money will go towards purchasing a multi-activity centre for toddlers which includes a slide, climbing area and interactive panels. The pirate ship themed piece of equipment will encourage creativity, imagination and learning. Money raised above this piece will also go towards a piece of equipment for older children as well as fitting of equipment, safety matting, fencing and a path for disabled access.

There are over 200 children in the area of Little Kingshill alone (there is a local primary and pre-school) the village community itself has over 400 families. In addition to this, we expect that nearby children will play on the equipment when passing through the area.

"“When I arrived in the village in the summer of 2017 the community playground was integral in meeting new people and making friends. I was lucky to arrive in the summer when the playground was accessible and to have older children as there is no equipment for little toddlers. I have now joined Play@LK to improve the facilities so that everyone can enjoy the playground at Little Kingshill, no matter the season, or age of the children.”

Hannah Ayres,
Committee member Play@LK"

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