Oor Wee Cafe


Your story

Oor Wee Café is an volunteer run community Café that survives off a donations only basis. The café is open to all but the primary target are those who are socially isolated and those on low income.

Group introduction

Oor We café came about when a group of unemployed individuals approached Fife Council staff to ask for support to set up an accessible and affordable café so that residents in Kelty could have a place to naturally congregate and meet new people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A need was identified due to Kelty being one of the largest villages in Fife with a fast growing population. It has an inadequate bus service and is relatively cut off and there are issues with high social isolation.
With the current climate of unemployment, levels of poverty and the roll out of universal credit those people waiting on benefits have to wait up to at least 5 week for their money to come through and although the local food banks can help, they can only offer a 3 day emergency food parcel 3 times a year. There are no food banks in Kelty so the café is to help local people.

The main aims of the café are to provide
• An inclusive place where people who are socially isolated and on a low income can come together
• Home cooked healthy food that is run on a “donation only” basis
• Volunteering opportunities and work experience for individuals
• 0% Food wastage
• Support from local business’s
• Free transport for disabled or those who cannot travel to the café without support

During the pilot year we will learn and build on the hugely successful social bites model, which will be run by the community for the community. It is intended to be self-sustaining after its initial pilot period of 12 months. The Café will be supported by Fife Council staff and Fife Equalities during this period to enable the volunteers to gain the confidence, skills and expertise necessary and learn how to run the café on a self-sustaining basis and after the year the café will adapt/evolve to meet the needs of the community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We cannot set up without initial set up costs so this money would enable us to start up. We need equipment, marketing materials, insurance and volunteer expenses. We've interviewed 146 locals so far and received 96% positive responses to the idea. We plan to expand to offer a community fridge, clothes bank, shop, skills bank all of which will be donations only also. We also want to invite local organisations into the café to offer advice or support i.e. NHS - mini health checks and Citizens Advice pop ups etc.

"This is group of volunteers who want to achieve something great to bring their community back together and offer a safe inclusive place to come and get a good hearty, meal and support from others. Linzi Forbes Welfare Support Fife Council"

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