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Bringing the colour and tranquility back for our beloved babies

Group introduction

We are a small group of bereaved parents whose babies were still born or died soon after birth. Our babies are buried in what is known as the Rose Garden, it was called this as a different rose were planted every year where our babies are buried. It was a beautiful sight when the roses were in full bloom. Unfortunately due to Rose blight all the roses died. New roses could not be planted as that would mean removing all the soil which would disturb the graves. The garden became very unkempt and an eyesore, it made it difficult for parents to visit as it now a depressing place. Our group aim is to restore the garden with colour, general tidy up and make it a good peaceful place to visit. We have been active since March 2018. Our group is very small even though there are nearly a 1000 babies buried in the Rose Garden. We are working closely with the council. We aim to help the bereaved families of these babies to have a tranquil place to visit to fondly their beloved babies.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We see bereaved families as our community. As babies are buried in the Rose a Garden from all over Edinburgh. As when the Roses were present it was a beautiful place and this is why I chose to have my daughter buried there. Our hope that more families will come back to visit if the garden was improved.
With the help of the council plum slate has been put down on the whole area. This has made a huge difference. The group have planted and put up 10 hanging baskets, we also remove dead flowers and pick up leaves from the garden.We have noticed that since we started to improve things more graves have been tided up, so it appears more families are visiting.
We would use the money to plant lots and lots of bulbs around the back border of the Rose Garen to bring colour when they bloom, they would bloom year after year.There are also a number of graves unmarked, we would like to put a plaque at every grave. We take on board suggestions from parents and carry out if feasible and does not cost a lot of money.

"A place to be proud of for our beloved babies.

Helen Ogilvie

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