Forever Young


Your story

We are a group of older adults living independently within Sheltered Housing our aim is to combat loneliness and isolation.
"Life begins when you move into sheltered housing."

Group introduction

Forever Young has been going since January 2014 it is run by older adults living within sheltered housing. We do a lot of intergenerational work with local school breaking down the barriers between old and young and the life experiences that we all can share is incredible.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

What we are looking for is some funding to create a applied theatre drama using older adults and school /colleges. We would then be able to showcase this to our local community sharing the message that the drama creates. For example Loneliness and isolation and discrimination. We would use these topics to create the drama and then share this message using drama.

"Life Begins when you go into Sheltered Housing."

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