East Kilbride Visually Impaired Group

East Kilbride

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Giving support to people coming to terms with sight loss

Group introduction

The group provides support for people coming to terms with sight loss. Also to provide a meeting place and stimulating environment for registered blind and partially sighted people.
Since its inception in 1998,membership has grown steadily and now has 30 members. It was recognised that those who were visually impaired,or indeed totally blind never had a forum in which individuals could come together in an environment of complete understanding.
The group is run by eight committee members five of which are volunteers.
The group meet every Thursday afternoon and have a variety of activities. These include entertainment by a local singer, the groups own singers, quiz , card bingo etc.
The group also enjoy a summer outing to the seaside in June of each year.
The success of the group is due to the overwhelming support that each other give to the group.True community spirit is so prevalent and is enhanced by the dedicated working committee.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

One vital aspect concerning the group is door to door transport.
Without this the group would not survive as many of the individuals are over 85. The transport provides a reassuring
safety environment for them.
As this is the main expenditure of the group the grant received would be put towards this. This is even more important now as provision of the 2 mini buses (16 seaters) is no longer guaranteed by the local council after March 2019.
The transport is used by most of the members.
Income of the group is mainly provided by £4 weekly fee and some donations.

"Dave Will secretary"

For more information visit:

Details on South Lanarkshre Coucil's volunteer infomation site.