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Parent Council supporting pupils of Cardenden Primary School

Group introduction

We are a group of parents/carers who are members of the Parent Council for Cardenden Primary School. We work with the school to provide input where requested on the school's activities and improvement plan. We also fundraise to allow the school to provide opportunities for the children outwith the school curriculum. We have been active for a number of years but have only recently become a constituted group with our own bank account, so are now able to apply for funding. Previously we have done all fundraising on our own, via events such as bingo nights, beetle drives and sales of teas/coffees/cakes at school concerts etc.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This money would be used to help the school provide transport for educational trips which are currently not provided for within the school budget. It will enable the school to take the children on more interesting and exciting trips linked to their learning as they will not be restricted by prohibitive costs. It will help pupils across the school (approx. 185) and will take pressure off parents, many of whom are not able to afford costs of school trips. It will give the children memories and allow them all to share the same experiences rather than some being able to participate and others not depending on their circumstances.

""Cardenden Primary Parent Council is absolutely delighted to be considered for a grant from Skipton's Grass Roots Giving to help us fund exciting school trips for the kids of Cardenden Primary School"
Lynsey Scott, Secretary"

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