Friends of Knocknagin


Your story

We are a parent teacher association, bringing together parents, teachers and the wider community to enhance and improve opportunities for all our rural community.

Group introduction

We are a parent teacher association for a small rural school in Desertmartin, we are from a small but historically troubled community and we as volunteer parents and teachers work hard to provide opportunities for all the children of our community to get together outside of the classroom and build relations doing fun inovative afterschool activities.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like to run an afterschool gardening programme for the children from all sides of our community, we hope that it will give the children the opportunity to learn new skills gaining confidence, improve their wellbeing, and if all goes to plan we will be able to make some wonderful dishes with everything grown by the children, it will hopefully also symbolise the growing friendships which will be made along the way.

"Lisa (Chair)- if we are awarded this grant it would mean the world to the children of our community as it would enable us to run a gardening programme which otherwise we would not be able to afford."

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