Dungannon Area All-Stars


Your story

All the world is a stage for this group of adults, who prove that their ability to sing, dance, act, have fun and entertain far outweigh the barriers their disabilities present.

Group introduction

Dungannon Area All-Stars were set up in January of this year by three pro-active parents who wanted to provide a drama outlet and a friendship promoting group for adults in the local area. Having secured the services of a drama coach, we had to enrol a group, find a location, secure volunteers other than ourselves and set up a constituted group. All done!. We have 24 adult cast members and 10 volunteers to assist our head coach. We meet weekly on a Friday night for 2 hours of rehearsals and on the 24th of November we are putting on a performance of 'A summer romance'( a version of Grease) Our cast members all experience varying learning difficulties.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our community is adults with learning disabilities and their families and the area they live in.
We would spend this money on a post production celebration of the show. A DVD of the show would be commissioned. A red carpet premiere of the show DVD would be arranged. The cast members would be treated to a red carpet entrance and glitzy photographs. The memories and mementoes would last a lifetime. Confidence, self esteem and social skill development would be seamlessly improved.

"This is about showing the humour and capabilities of our group and not dwelling on those things we can not manage. It is about celebrating spontaneity, enthusiasm, charm, skill and 'stickability'. Above all it is about fun and belonging. Collette Mullan group secretary"

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