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WSIM is an initiative in Kendal working with people who live with a neurodegenerative condition such as Motor Neurone Disease, Dementia, Stroke, & Parkinson's disease.

Group introduction

The group commenced in 2015 and is run by volunteers and a singing facilitator who not only brings to her role a wide variety of musical expertise, but the deeper dimension of personal empathy for, and understanding of, the people for whom she provides. Our sessions are full of warmth, fun, laughter and delight, repetition and variety, hard concentration and socializing. All this, while the underlying benefits continue to enrich, empower, uplift, release and focus identity by providing ways for our clients to re-connect with themselves and others. Group singing is physically non-invasive and the bond of singing together can help alleviate isolation and create a sense of belonging, by providing ways to re connect with themselves and others----A lifeline to those marginalized from the mainstream,

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like to produce a promotional DVD to show at various events we attend. such as Kendal Dementia Action Alliance Sessions, Hospital open events that show what services are available to help people. Distribution to any relevant appropriate outlet would also be considered.
It is our aim to help the social needs of our clients, most of whom are elderly & disadvantaged in some way, We currently support about 25/30 people a week but would like to make this available to a lot more people within South Lakeland and surrounding areas.

"Since I have been attending Singing in Mind I have noticed a huge amount of difference and personal growth in the other members who attend. There are several gentleman who go with their wives who at first appeared unaffected by the group. For various reasons they didn't sing, socialise or join in with group activities such as throwing bean bags into a basket. One gentleman would sit, holding onto his beanbag until his wife would take it from him and throw it into the basket. To my knowledge he has both neurological and physical difficulties. Over the weeks I have seen this same gentleman gain confidence that is difficult to believe. He now sings and joins in the arm movements of the songs that the wonderful Ali has made up. He smiles, talks and engages.
Sarah (Carer)"

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