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Junior and senior club for various sports

Group introduction

We have junior cricket teams from the age of 9 - 18 with three senior teams, three bowls teams and two table tennis teams. The club is run by a committee of volunteers who meet monthly to discuss the running of the club and what needs to be done.

The club has been in operation for over 150 years. We offer sporting opportunities for the local community who are all welcome to join the club. We are currently attempting to expand our community by going into schools in other areas of Oldham offering free coaching to children in the hope that they would like to join. This will help us to secure the future of the cub for a long time.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

In recent years we have suffered from some youths coming onto our ground and causing criminal damage, as well as intimidating our members especially the children and our elderly members who come to play bowls. We would use the funding to erect a metal fence which would secure the facility. This would mean all our members could play their sport of choice in a safer environment.

It would also help sustain the club as currently a lot of the money the club gets goes on repairing things such as benches, wooden panels and more. If we could secure the club it would allow us to spend the money on training equipment to help improve the experience we can offer to our members especially the younger ones who need to be active. The club has already sought quotes from local businesses and has had a quote back for £1700

"The club aims to give people the opportunity to become the best cricketer they can be whilst also helping them develop social skills and interact with children from other cultural backgrounds.
Andy Walker - club chairman"

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