Shrimp Appeal

Neston Cricket Club

Your story

A number of local talented youngsters could not afford to play Sport in the area where we have outstanding facilities that some could not afford to be a member of.

Group introduction

The Shrimp Appeal raises funds for local young people who have a sporting talent, but would find it difficult to join Neston Cricket, Hockey, Squash or Tennis Club, because of the cost of membership. The Shrimp Appeal not only pays for their membership, but kit, equipment and coaching as well. My name is Antony Bush who started this Appeal in 2014 and allocate its Funds to local children.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any thing would benefit a young player from a pair of tennis shoes (£40) to full membership (£177). We could help 4/5 people with £500 and it would introduce them to a world of sport and community that often they would not experience.

"Antony Bush"

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